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(elkement. Last changed: 2018-02-18. Created: 2015-08-17. Tags: Web, Blogging, Websites, Netizen. German Version.)

I have used the web since the times when you clicked a box not to load images for loading speed's sake. The first website of my own - crafted by FrontPage! - went online in 1997.

These were the days when we philophisized about The Web and its culture as such, when the tool and the medium was as interesting as The Content. When this was an experimental playground to explore - to tinker with the interrelation of structures and stories.

These were also the days when web pages were pages, and when browsers were not yet full-featured development environments and platforms to run dynamic applications, when not yet half of your OS (and most of your CPU) was inside your browser. But the early pre-Y2K web was my gateway into programming, and I am grateful for that.

For me, The Web has mainly become a tool for remote collaboration - if interpreted as the entirety of all creative ways whatever protocols are transported over HTTPS(S). I also have a blog on but this website here uses dinosaur technology deliberately - static pages created by the server, from a pseudo database of text files.

I still believe in quasi-static pages, and I believe in keeping URLs intact. 2015 I have merged my separate sites,, and here, by moving each piece of content over gently and by redirecting all URLs.

Original logo for my site (2003).

Pseudo Twitter

Pseudo Twitter (2019-03-13)
Little Snippets and Links. Hand-Crafted.

Working Remotely

Working Remotely (2017-12-02)
HTTP(s) (mis-)use connection magic enables me to work in a way I would have never envisaged 25 years ago - at the time when my most important 'files' were still contained in physical folders. I am able to work nearly remote-only, not only in IT projects.

Silent Online Writing: Introspection versus Science / Tech Writing

Silent Online Writing: Introspection versus Science / Tech Writing (2016-09-17)
Post-rationalizing: After I overhauled my website here it dawned on me that my world has split into philosophical meta thoughts (here) and no-nonsense tech writing (there). Unfortunately, you are now: Here.

Internet Domains: The Unspeakable

Internet Domains: The Unspeakable (2015-12-05)
Insights - speaking from 15 years of experiences. Never use a word denoting a punctuation mark.

Farewell Posting on / /

Farewell Posting on / / (2015-11-03)
Status update on the web migration project: New (=this) site is live!

Hacking away...

Hacking away... (2015-10-18)
Next update on my web development project.

Web Migration Project - Progress Report

Web Migration Project - Progress Report (2015-09-29)
Ongoing update on my web development project.

We Interrupt Our Scheduled Programming ...

We Interrupt Our Scheduled Programming ... (2015-08-11)
I wax a bit nostalgic as this might be the last entry in this ancient pseudo-twitter stream (fed from a TXT-file-based 'database' I edit manually, BTW). I am going to re-do all my personal sites from scratch, and an I am really enjoying it. .NET and object-orientation - here I come, says the script-kiddy.

Maybe I Am a True Expert Now.

Maybe I Am a True Expert Now. (2015-01-25)
As the saying goes, an expert is somebody who has committed every blunder in their discipline. Thus I have finally made it.

Why Am I Online?

Why Am I Online? (2014-05-16)
Since 1997 I have been maintaining personal and business websites but I haven't joined the social media borg cube(s) before 2012.

I am Not a Writer

I am Not a Writer (2014-01-26)
I am not a writer. I feel I had to decide often between being a fence-sitting commentator or somebody who is in charge of and fully accountable for technical problem solving - and I always picked the latter.

I am Standing on the Shoulders of Subversive Giants

I am Standing on the Shoulders of Subversive Giants (2014-01-19)
This site contains a messy collection of allegedly original creative texts which are most likely unintended plagiarisms of really subversive thinkers. This might be true for all pseudo-subversive websites

Subversive Newsletter No. 3: Internet Apocalypso

Subversive Newsletter No. 3: Internet Apocalypso (2013-03-10)
The original newsletters are more than 8 years old, and it is hard to understand what in hell was on my mind when I had written those.

Newsletter Resurrection

Newsletter Resurrection (2013-02-09)
These are the preliminary results of the Website Resurrection Project. In spring 2012 rotten web pages have been de-linked. In 2018 I corrected fake German tag Bizarr to Bizarre; now you now.

The Rise and Fall of an Intermittent Netizen ?

The Rise and Fall of an Intermittent Netizen ? (2012-11-02)
Online since the early 90s. Yet The Subversive Element might be an impostor netizen. I have never discussed in Usenet, learned programming on a C64, or compiled a Linux kernel.


Offline (2012-04-29)
Just what the title says.

Subversive Newsletter No. 2: On Self-Reference

Subversive Newsletter No. 2: On Self-Reference (2008-01-06)
Presenting trivial and pseudo-funny facts. 2 is a prime number - go figure.

What is a Netizen?

What is a Netizen? (2008-01-01)
Back in the golden times of the internet a netizen had to be an expert.

All good things must come to an end.

All good things must come to an end. (2007-07-09)
There were times when the Element used to spam a group of people with self-referential e-mail content. People were forced to subscribe because at that time mass e-mails have not been illegal yet.

Subversive Newsletter No. 1: On Subversion at Large

Subversive Newsletter No. 1: On Subversion at Large (2007-05-10)
The market for subversive consulting was increasing rapidly.

The Scary Part

The Scary Part (2004-12-01) The first English page.

Elke was here

Elke was here (2002-12-16)
The history of the blue website, 2002 - 2015

Personal website of Elke Stangl, Zagersdorf, Austria, c/o punktwissen.
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