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I play with control systems, heat pumps, and software; I am our Theory Department.

Decades ago I was an experimental physicist, and I programmed a system for measurement data acqusition. Then I travelled through a worm-hole and re-entered the universe as computer support engineer and consultant, specializing in Microsoft technologies.

Since about 2011 I am back, and software has turned from what-I-officially-offer to what-I-tinker-with-internally again. I am mainly in charge of developing the numerical analysis of our 'ice storage powered' heat pump system, and I herd the Excel tools for systems' sizing. Above all, I hedge The Data Kraken: Tentacles of a SQL/Access/Excel/Powershell/whatnot application for analysis and visualization of measurement data obtained from different data loggers. The most important data are from UVR16x2/UVR11 control units, monitored by CMI (freely programmable controller and data logger by Technische Alternative GmbH)

For more technical details:  Since a few years I have been blogging about how our 'ice storage' heat pump system works and how we log and analyze measurement data.

Solar/air collector, an essential part of our heat pump system.

Reverse Engineering Blackboxes

Reverse Engineering Blackboxes (2018-02-02)
I often say that my work is basically, most of the time, actually: Reverse engineering, finding out how stuff works, deciphering blackboxes.

Scripts Beget Scripts

Scripts Beget Scripts (2017-01-31)
Incorehent thoughts about what I do as the so-called Theoretical Department also known as Data Kraken Tamer.

Heat Pump System and Renewable Energy

Heat Pump System and Renewable Energy (2015-02-04)
Blog Postings - Links - Engineering: Heat Pump System and Renewable Energy.

Engineering Links

Engineering Links (2014-12-14)
Ressources I often use.

Digital Certificates and Heat Pumps ...

Digital Certificates and Heat Pumps ... (2014-08-04)
... an odd combination probably.

Technology: Explain, Evaluate, Utilize

Technology: Explain, Evaluate, Utilize (2013-09-14)
My motto is: Building bridges between human beings and technology.

Tech Nostalgia and Indulging in Cliché

Tech Nostalgia and Indulging in Cliché (2012-11-02)
You can turn into your own cliché. In a self-consistent way - absolutely, positively.

A Nerd's Awakening to the Existence of the Matrix AKA Corporate World

A Nerd's Awakening to the Existence of the Matrix AKA Corporate World (2011-01-03)
Some years ago I would have described myself as a nerd, geek and tech freak. I like Dilbert-style humor, worked at strange hours and found some aspect of Star Trek like adventures.

Personal website of Elke Stangl, Zagersdorf, Austria, c/o punktwissen.
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