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The Magic of Deadlines and Numbers

(elkement. Created: 2011-04-07. Tags: Numbers, Magic, Deadlines, Work, Corporate World. German Version.)

This is not about numerology or other esotericism - this is just a try to transform corporate planning thinking and deadline madness into something useful.

The proverbial carrot in front of the nose of the donkey does work. In fact, in works the better the more pointless but simple the goal is. I can speak from experience.

I once promised to myself that I need to make the change until a date of
0x.0x.(20)0x with x=5.
Actually the decision has been taken as early as x=2.

And it worked.

Probably thanks to conditioning by various dangling prestigious carrots - that I had all managed to grasp finally in the past: School, university, corporate goals.

At x=9 I started pondering about new plans again.

We are using the Babylonian system of numbers based on 60 and its various factors such as 12. This means that there will be no 13.13.13

The Element is in change mode and mood again.

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