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This Statement Is: For Free

(elkement. Created: 2012-12-30. Tags: Work, Life, For Free. German Version.)

I need to go one step further in discussing why a problem is not a problem for me. This page is odd anyway, and the root problem is actually the structure of this website which once has been turned into a bilingual website. So I am discussing issues in English that had only been described before in German or vice versa.

Years ago I had been intrigued by discussions among freelancers: about (potential) clients who are not willing to pay for deliveries of samples, concepts and whatnot.

I have discussed below why I declared this issue non-existent.

Now it is even better (or worse, depending on interpretation) - I can hardly see a problem at all.

Yes, it can make sense to deliver a free sample work. But sometimes you don't even notice that this was sample work (You do not even notice that this was work). I cannot - and do not want to - distinguish between:

  • a spontaneous outburst of my creativity - as close to 'art' as somebody like me can get.
  • strategic 'viral' marketing (though done in a very paradoxical way)

But probably these are just dry runs for a new way our economy should work at large?

Is this Open Source or Open Innovation?

In Need of a Deflector (for Requests)

(elkement. Created: 2011-03-20. Tags: Work, For Free, Entrepreneur, About. German Version.)

Years ago I thought that I had the same problem as reported by many freelancers: So-called colleagues, customers or social networking acquaintances asking for:
something that will require time, efforts and my expertise - and that is usually paid (well).

The problem has vanished or did never really exist for me. As long as you do not believe you need to make everybody happy you can simply say no to such not-willing-to-pay pseudo-clients. And as long as you are selling some service that somebody (desperately) needs (who is willing to pay).

But it is hard to say no to the paying clients. Especially if they are appealing to your vanity and to your reputation as the Number One / Guru / Diva.

Realistically it is not so much the fact that I can solve a problem in such a marvelous way. But I am probably the only available person. Or the only person that is crazy enough to consideri to work under such conditions - in terms of risk and schedule.

Breakwater in Teneriffa.

Some Questions to the modern Networker

(elkement. Created: 2005-04-12. Tags: Work, Life, For Free. German Version.)

Do you know somebody who could help me with:
[insert here: something the networker does not have the faintest clue about in will cost him/her 1000s of hours.]

Years ago the Subversive Element would have analyzed these questions and did what it had to do - as a brave hero of networking. But know it knows:

For meeting one helpful person on the net, you have to pay: by serving five I-want-it-for-free-freaks

I had literally been asked: Do you like to work for free? Of course not really for free - this was an opportunity: Put in many hours of work requiring a lot of experience and a specific skill set. Then - if we are lucky - we will win the jackpot, get the project grant etc. Risk and reward!

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