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I Have No Clue About Art

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(Final Insight, 2012)

That's the whole point of all that self-referential navel-gazing here.

Nevertheless I need to admit that these website, wimpy as they are, are The Element's only creative output. The Element is creative with respect to arranging characters on (virtual) paper. But I am not into drawings, paintings, or music.

What is creativity? Actions without purpose, without goals. Above all:  lacking any commercial or job relevant hidden agenda. Rather the opposite, actually.

This site has been started despite <..>, but not because of <...>.

What do I need to smoke in order to understand your websites? proves that his is not exactly a revenue booster.

What is Art? (2008)

The Subversive Element does not know what art is. And anybody claiming to be able to explain does not know either.

But you can elaborate on what art is not:

  • Tailored to meet the expectations of your target group.
  • Understandable.
  • Pleasing.

Don't Talk

Do it.

We can give it a try and explain that art is everything... (please also visit our Everything page)

  • ... that is not at all created to help the creator make a living (rather the opposite)
  • ... which cannot be understood, analyzed and comprehended not even (and especially not) by the creator.

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