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Physics and Science

(elkement. Last changed: 2016-12-07. Created: 2015-08-17. Tags: Physics, Science. German Version.)

I am an experimental physicist by training (Sold-state physics, lasers, superconductors). Having worked in IT security for a long time I reconnected with my roots: In our engineering consultancy am working mainly on simulations and data analysis related to our 'ice store' heat pump system.

Most article related to hands-on physics and 'what I actually do' appear on my blog. Here, on my more introspective website, I am rather pondering on 'the role of physics in my life' and other meta topics. For example, I am most fascinated by the positive impact my weird hobby - learning theoretical physics - has on no-nonsense engineering and IT work. I am interested in fields I had not specialized in back then, like Quantum Field Theory or General Relativity.

Former mill on the island of La Palma.

Why and How One Should / Could Learn General Relativity

Why and How One Should / Could Learn General Relativity (2016-12-07)
'Hands-on example: Learning theoretical physics as a hobby. Describing once more, perhaps in an even more obscure way, what a 'personal' impact theoretical physics might have.

On the impact of physics on my life

On the impact of physics on my life (2016-03-12)
Some changes and random musings: On my Research Notes (formerly known as blog about anything). In praise of physics: How theoretical physics made me better tech troubleshooter.

Blog Postings on Physics

Blog Postings on Physics (2015-02-04)
Links to postings on my blog

Physics, Science, Engineering, and a Lot of Fun

Physics, Science, Engineering, and a Lot of Fun (2014-12-17)
In overly correct legalese, my job titles according to our business licences are 1) Consulting Engineer in Applied Physics and 2) IT Consultant.

Science: Explain, Evaluate, Utilize

Science: Explain, Evaluate, Utilize (2013-09-16)
Explaining science and technology is my passion and my mission - as a physicist, engineer and IT expert.

Science and Me. Torture Turning Trivia.

Science and Me. Torture Turning Trivia. (2012-11-02)
I am flooding the whole world wide web with my musings on science - but it seems a point of equilibrium has been reached.

Physics Links

Physics Links (2012-03-10)
List of resources started in 2012 and updated frequently.

Knowledge for the Sake of Knowledge

Knowledge for the Sake of Knowledge (2011-01-02)
I have always wondered why my English articles about science, career (and the universe and everything) have different tone than my German ones.

Profession Or True Calling? Reasonable Questions or Musings Just Uncalled-For?

Profession Or True Calling? Reasonable Questions or Musings Just Uncalled-For? (2008-03-17)
Trying to refute the ancient, nostalgic German articles on science and me, by playing the cool and sober professional.

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