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(elkement. Last changed: 2017-05-03. Created: 2015-09-26. Tags: Philosophy, History Of Science, Books, Outsider Science. German Version.)

I have started blogging in English about 'philosophy' - in a very general sense - on my blog, long before I moved my 'introspective' / 'philosophical' writing to this website - again. Philosophy was the first category the German precursor website had.

I am most interested in the impact of technology on our life and culture, and on How to life a good life in the era of The Web, of global interconnections, of rapid, viral feedback loops, and of existing as a small dot in such large systems - driven by 'algorithms' and by mechanisms closer to statistical mechanics than to the illusion of an individual having much of an impact.

This category is, in a sense, self-referential:  I am writing about technology, but at the same time I try to explore how using technology changes my thought processes. I noticed that my online writing motivation comes in bursts - often when a fundamental change was due.

Currently (2017) I keep up online writing despite the need to change anything - and I am just watching what this (unusual) state of mind does to my 'philosophical' writing. In the last years, I have written about life, work, society, science, and automation on my blog. On I plan to focus more on my personal philosophy of science and technology: On using technology in life and business, and on the (more indirect) impact of learning physics.

Near Teide, Spain's highest mountain, Tenerife

My Philosophy!

My Philosophy! (2017-03-05)
Boiling it down to a short list, manifesto-style: On science, web, and business.

My Philosophy (?)

My Philosophy (?) (2016-05-01)
Pondering on what roles I have had say about my philosophy. Nothing ground-breaking or exciting.

2014 in Books

2014 in Books (2015-04-01)
I had once started a first list of books here, stating that what you write about books says more about you than about the books.

2013 in Books

2013 in Books (2014-01-04)
The Elkement has become a curator.

Physics on the Fringe

Physics on the Fringe (2012-10-18)
and other books on 'outsider science'

Favorite Books

Favorite Books (2003-01-01)
The list reveals more about me than about the books.

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