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(Last changed: 2019-05-12.)

elkement is an amalgam of real names and pseudonyms - I am also known as The Subversive El(k)ement. I run an engineering and IT consultancy together with my husband. Following Star Trek terminology he is Chief Engineer and I am Science Officer.

I am a physicist and engineer (software and real world stuff) working / playing with: Control systems, software, IT security, public key infrastructure, heat pumps, thermodynamics, simulations. Interested in: History of science, tech & culture, pentesting & hacking.

Content here is mine, unless otherwise noted, and I don't allow for 're-use' without approval.

History and related sites

This website emerged  from a consolidation of different sites. All old URLs should still work via redirects.

I consolidated e-stangl.at, radices.net and subversiv.at in 2015, and added the content generated on elkement.blog in 2019. The blog's original name and tagline was:

Theory and Practice of Trying to Combine Just Anything

Physics versus engineering
off-the-wall geek humor versus existential questions
IT versus the real thing
corporate world's strangeness versus small business entrepreneur's microcosmos,
knowledge worker's connectedness versus striving for independence.

(Old About info for the blog)

Since 2014 my icon in an angry dinosaur. Nobody ever asked why so it must be self-explanatory.

Angry Dinosaur

But nobody said you need to use the same avatar / handle everywhere.

Reverse Octopus Hacker

Legal notice and data protection.

Owner and author of elkement.subversiv.at is:
Dr. Elke Stangl, Zagersdorf, Austria
c/o and contact information: punktwissen Proyer & Stangl OG
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elkement.subversiv.at uses the most dinosaur-y technology imaginable: Static HTML pages only. No scripts - neither on server or client, no cookies (not even for 'sessions'), no sort of tracking whatsoever. All content shown here is served directly from this server, no embedded third-party stuff.

elkement at work, 2017

Thumbnail: I am a happy dinosaur.

I am a happy dinosaur. (2018-11-18)

Disjointed pieces. At some point in your life your stories should speak for themselves.

Thumbnail: I am learning to pentest!

I am learning to pentest! (2018-08-27)

What I have being up to - in the past quarter: As a long-term defender I wanted to learn a bit about actually hacking something - and I got sucked into the best black-hole ever! Playing and learning - combined in the best possible way!

Thumbnail: Travelling Like Spam Poetry

Travelling Like Spam Poetry (2015-08-01)

How spam poetry actually started - doing it in real-live instead of writing it. In 2005 The Chief Engineer and I visited more than 100 villages whose names started with letter Z. This trip finally became our company's Founding Myth.

Thumbnail: Being Creative with What Is Available

Being Creative with What Is Available (2014-11-27)

Build something from anything and to use whatever tool is at hand! Refers to anything we ever did or built - in the physics lab, as software developers, on designing the heat pump system.

Thumbnail: Trading in IT Security for Heat Pumps? Seriously?

Trading in IT Security for Heat Pumps? Seriously? (2013-01-22)

Personal essay on career transitions - PKI and heat pumps.

Thumbnail: The Dark Side Was Strong in Me

The Dark Side Was Strong in Me (2012-11-26)

From academia to IT.