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About elkement (Elke Stangl) and this website

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elkement is an amalgam of my first name and The Subversive Element. I am running a small engineering consultancy together with my husband. Following Star Trek terminology he is Chief Engineer and I am Science

Content here is mine, unless otherwise noted, and I don't allow for 're-use' without my approval. For more scary legal stuff, scroll down.

History and related sites

This website emerged  from a consolidation of different sites. As per spring 2019, all old URLs should still work via redirects. But everybody lets their links rot and 404 so quickly - so I am not sure if I will keep that up forever.

Since a while I have also been blogging on

Elkement's Blog: elkemental Force          German blog of punktwissen: Professional Tinkerers - Restless Settlers

This site here is part About Me, part background material and meta information on top of / related to articles on my

Social media: I am mainly active on Twitter, and I use XING and LinkedIn 'professionally', but I am not a power user of any social media platform.

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