Tech Nostalgia and Indulging in Cliché

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(November 2, 2012. Update: March 26, 2013.)

You can turn into your own cliché. In a self-consistent way - absolutely, positively. Just watch this video. I am a nerd, a nerdess. For me, 'technology' was mainly about:

  • Living off pizza and caffeine.
  • Sociophobic lifestyle. In the prototypical programmer's cave.
  • Chasing hackers and security bugs.
  • Getting excited over text files and command line output.

However, what a let-down: Discovering Your Life Being Cliché.

But I learned from Mark Twain: The kernel, the soul - let us go further and say the substance, the bulk, the actual and valuable material of all human utterances - is plagiarism.

I try my best to keep up the techie style even as a more hands-on engineer. 2013 is dedicated to the quest for the Grand Unified Theory - unifying geekdom and down-to-earth tinkering with energy systems. I am projecting my hopes and dreams onto the power grid and its soon-to-be added IT-based smartness.

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