The Rise and Fall of an Intermittent Netizen ?

(elkement. Created: 2012-11-02. Tags: Netizen, Internet. German Version.)

Online since the early 90s. Yet The Subversive Element might be an impostor netizen.

I have never discussed in Usenet, learned programming on a C64, or compiled a Linux kernel. Even worse, I used Microsoft Word instead of LaTex with all my scientific publications, and the first website of my own was a commercial one.

Yet I feel I have the right to call myself a netizen. The vague definition of this term allows for misuse anyway.

I probably turned into a true netizen again because of my trepid (non-)adoption of the interactive web 2.0. So I could have been an avid open course keep-the-internet-free-of-commercials activist.

The Element has instructed the Element to post on that more frequently. I am using Web 2.0 as a platform for discussing why I am so not fond of web 2.0 unequivocally.

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