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I have returned to where I started from. This website closes on itself.

Unburdened of the nagging questions that have tortured The Element before. So this is: Subversion Light. Subversion in Retrospect. Subversion Reloaded - a remake, probably diluted due to pondering about what has been pondered about what had been pondered about.

Work has always been the leitmotif of Work and the connotations attached to it by a corporate geek, such as true calling (or not), (knowledge) work, dread and pleasure.

This website has been started in 2001: motivated by philosophical discussions with like-minded corporate geeks. Discussion that accompanied a so-called management training. Confirmed by hip and hot so-called business book.

On the dawn of the new millennium I have started a psychological self-test and under-cover research. This was called 'Corporate World'.

So what happened to the Element? Did it live up to its expectations? Which expectations? Imposed by whom?

There is a Ten Years After edition of the business book mentioned. I do not know it and I have written an update of my own.

Drago Millenario, Teneriffa.

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