The Element is Back!

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The Element is Back!

After having started its blog (despite all the rants on this website about why not running a blog), the element embarks on another ambitious web project: the resurrection of the subversive web site.

Not a single character will be left unturned.

This website is blog-like as per content and de facto motivation, but not as per technology and platform. There are: RSS feeds, comments, likes and the like. Thus the Element is stuck with this rigid structure that basically allows for one category and one sub-category per article. And the article should better updated in English and in German approximately at the same time.

In order to avoid the dread of translation, the Subversive Element will rather use the English version to comment on the German one or vice versa.

Raging Element

Who Is the Element?

(Updated: October 9, 2012)

My Alter Ego had started its blog in a subversive way denoted as Clandestine Blogging.

Due to whatever reason, the Element has now disclosed some facts about its so-called real life, so its original introduction is rescued and archived here. Actually, this intro captures what always has been the driving force behind this subversive web site:

"This blog is written the (The Subversive) El(k)ement, a physicist who has explored different professional biotopes: from academia to global corporations, from so-called prestigious ventures to so-called menial tasks.

Elkement is a pseudonym but if you really want to know you will not have insurmountable problems to discover who the Elkement really is. I cannot resist the temptation anyway to leave all kinds of links and biographical information scattered all over this blog anyway.

Re-Kindling(*) Subversion

Updated: November 2, 2012

(*) Misguiding Amazon's fans

This website is currently participating in our website resurrection program.

Extremely successfully, based on the metrics we have defined.

You might want to scroll down to dusty content just resurrected.

Now we can offer our dear readers the Subversive Feed. We do hope that this home-grown feed will not remain in beta stage forever. (Let me point you to: Best of Log)

Personal website of Elke Stangl, Zagersdorf, Austria, c/o punktwissen.
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