I've updated this when I have just started my business together with my husband.

Instead of a CV

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(Updated 2005, first version somewhen in 2003)

I am physicist and IT consultant, with experience in R&D (as a researcher and as IT services manager) and as an IT consultant, delivering security projects to customers in various industry sectors. Here is my detailed CV and I have given this interview (in German) when I was about to change from employed to self-employed consultant.

I think we are not completely characterized by any official name of a profession, but better by the roles we acquire in different positions throughout our career and private life. I have considered myself always acting in one or both of these roles:


between human beings, groups or organisation with conflicting goals

co-ordinator, not manager

searching for win-win situations


searching deep foundations

obliged to 'objective truth'

analytical thinker

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